Three CDC Tips to Prevent Corona

So far, about 284,000 people have been infected with coronavirus in 164 countries. The number of people infected and dying due to pandemic outbreaks is increasing daily.Since there is no anti-coronavirus disease and no medicines, doctors have advised to emphasize prevention.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called for three issues.


You need to know how Corona spreads:

The CDC says that since there is no antidote to the corona virus and no drugs, the disease can be prevented if you know how to prevent it.Coronavirus spreads from infected person. Coronavirus spreads from the person’s sneezing, cough and cough.Sneeze, cough and cough particles float in the air. When it comes to the particles of air, someone from there can be infected.That’s why the US CDC recommends staying at least six feet away from someone infected.

A way to keep yourself free from Corona:

CDC says washing your hands with soap is an effective way. They suggest washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.Washing hands especially after coming from the public meeting area is mandatory. In addition, the US company has emphasized washing hands before hand, nose and eyes.

In no way can you touch your face, nose and eyes without washing your hands with soap or cleaning your hands with sanitizer. Coronavirus is spreading from infected person to other people. Because of that, you cannot go to someone who is at risk of getting coronary-infected.

Keep others free from corona:

The CDC says if you are at risk of getting coronary-infected, do not get out of the house. Consult a doctor.If necessary, go to the hospital.Sneeze and cover the mouth with tissue or cloth. If there is no tissue or cloth, cover your cough with your arm.Put the lid in the trash bin or the lid on the lid. Burn them later.

Masks are effective in preventing and keeping good:

The CDC says if you go in contact with other people when you are ill, you must wear a mask.CDC advises those who are not affected to wear masks.Because when you go to a public meeting, there is no way to know who is infected and who is not infected – that is why the CDC recommends wearing a mask.

Daily use items should be kept sterile:

The CDC has called for an emphasis on cleanliness.They recommend disinfecting the items that you have to hold by hand every day.These accessories include computer keyboard, mouse, table, phone, cellphone, tab, laptop, toilet, floor of the house or office, bathroom and door handle, all kinds of electric switches, remote, watercolor tabs.That is, everything that needs to be caught once or more every day should be kept sterile.

The floor of the room needs to be cleaned with detergent powder or soap water to clean and disinfect.

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, coronavirus kovid-19 has infected around 2 lakh 10,000 people in 168 countries of the world. Out of these, 8 thousand 778 died.

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