The world is going to fall into economic recession

The world is going to fall into a global economic downturn very soon due to coronavirus. Which will break all previous records.This is what UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres fears. Antonio Guterres told reporters at a video conference on Thursday.He warned that the measures taken by countries to prevent the coronavirus epidemic might not be able to handle the complexity of the situation.The information was released in a report by Reuters.He urged world leaders to work together to cope with the situation.UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “In this situation, the leaders of the world economy must adjust, keep their heads cool and work on more innovative approaches.””We are facing a critical situation,” he said. It cannot be out of the ordinary. ”
He added, “The global economic downturn is awaiting in the near future. That will probably break all previous records. ”The world’s richest countries have already announced funding to tackle the situation.Originating from China, the center of the coronavirus is now Europe. So far, about 2 lakh 3,000 people have been infected with the virus. And the death toll was around 5 thousand.

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