Good Deeds

Corporate America Steps Up…


Insurance companies provide some relief!

Major auto insurance companies have announced plans to refund small amounts of money to their customers due to the current lowered frequency of driving.

  • State Farm, -average credit of 25% on premiums from March 20 through May 31
  • Nationwide,  -one-time $50 refund to each active policy
  • Liberty Mutual,
  • USAA, –  20% credit on two months of premiums
  • Mercury, -15% credits for the months of April and May and
  • Safeco
  • Allstate and Geico will provide 15% discounts
  • Progressive will give 20% discounts.
  • Farmers and 21st Century will give customers a 25% discount
  • Ask your agent for details

will provide either a one-time flat-rate refund or a percentage of premiums will be automatically credited to customer accounts.

Doctors that are sidelined are eligible for some relief as well from their malpractice premiums with their offices shuttered risk of claims is down.

Mobile carriers step up…


T-Mobile More data, free data to students

Verizon –



Individual good deeds

Stars and Athletes give to fundraisers and unemployed

Neighbors across America are doing grocery runs