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Talk turns to opening up the country.   Without testing will this result in many more deaths? Meat plant has a widespread outbreak and closes France moving to universal testing and masks Trump did not close states but says he has the ultimate authority to open?   Finally central coordinated control?  Does it make sense politically or medically or from a Public Health Perspective? Optimism survey shows a drop… duh Grants and loans are delayed, no checks yet to individuals? Overflow Hospitals Empty in NYC, how bout SF?     Attorney Generals warn to be wary of fake cures, scams etc.


Vaccine Development Status 6/2020


Discover & Deliver: Lilly Begins the World's First Study of a Potential COVID-19 Antibody Treatment

Rutgers starts using Saliva Test for Corona.   FDA gives nod after validation supported accuracy.

Fiscal Stimulus is next. Leadership is necessary but lacking. Preparation is way behind schedule.


My idea… Perhaps tax credits for travel expenses and other sectors will stimulate and mititgate the economic impact.


Numbers continue to grow. Has China peaked? Is the US peak ahead or behind? Likely far ahead.


Italy: over 366 dead. 16 million in lockdown. Travel restricted until April. Panic. Weddings/Ski Resorts/Malls Closed. Banks likely to fail. Pope livestreams.


Death toll over 5400, almost 145,000 confirmed cases. 77 plus countries. Infections soar in Italy, South Korea, Iran.


Download the preparedness plan from Australia


Chinese response is fabricated? Major cover up. Doctors that identified crisis were punished by government. Chinese return to work entirely too soon?


Numbers outside of China continue to climb


Australian Health Info download

China builds “pop up” hospital in weeks. In the US would take months to even get a permit? Have we built any new infrastructure to accommodate the anticipated patient surge, bought more ventilators?

Italian boy 15 dies


43 cases in US and 6 in USA die. Numbers are certainly not reflecting reality or real mortality rates.


South Korea reports 477 new cases of coronavirus and 6 new deaths, raising the national total to 4,812 cases and 34 deads