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Las Vegas Casinos slated to open June 4, 2020!

Hertz files bankruptcy.

NY Allows groups of 10 or fewer to congregate.

Memorial day weekend slated for beach crowds in some cities with attempts at social distancing likely to be ignored in many areas.

US Airlines halt service to 75 airports. Under the tentative order, Delta can halt service to Aspen, Colorado; Bangor, Maine; Flint, Michigan; Santa Barbara, California; and Lincoln, Nebraska, among other cities, while United can halt service to airports including Chattanooga, Tennessee; Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Key West, Florida; and Lansing and Kalamazoo, Michigan.



Businesses are reopening and scrambling to find uniform guidance for best practices. Check every staff member, every customer? Check everyone’s temperature? Put staff in masks? Gloves? Clean, clean, clean (but with what and how often), Practice social distancing but hard a table at a restaurant. If you are even talking to someone that is infected across the table, it is possible (likely) you will get the virus? Not clear what is an adequate exposure. As you can see more questions than answers and all businesses will have to implement measures that meet the needs of their staff and customers to respect safety and best practices.


Arizona casinos open to pent up demand. Vegas still closed but the curve seems to be flattening and restaurants in casinos can open with many caveats.


Vaccine Hopes and Technology:

First Gene Therapy to Cure Blindness May Also Be Key to Vaccine to Prevent COVID-19
Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Massachusetts General Hospital announced exciting progress in the development of an experimental vaccine called AAVCOVID, a novel gene-based vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19. This strategy uses the FDA-approved gene transfer technology, the adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector, to deliver genetic sequences of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike antigen so the body can develop an immune response to the coronavirus. It is in preclinical development with a plan to begin clinical testing in humans later this year.

Virus Testing

According to the Guardian: Scientists reportedly hope that the blood-based test could detect the virus’s presence as early as 24 hours after infection, four days earlier than current tests, meaning the carrier could possibly be isolated before they spread the disease.

The research has emerged from a project set up by the US military’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) and while the test could significantly help control outbreaks of the disease, it must first be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Antibody Testing: According to current research results, only three out of 14 tests that received Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA that are on the market truly deliver consistently reliable results. “There are multiple tests that look reasonable and promising,” said Dr. Alexander Marson, an immunologist at the University of California, San Francisco, and one of the project’s leaders.


Recent data suggests that the first corona death in the USA was much earlier (Feb 6) than previously recorded.

Governors are floundering with respect to reopening. They simply don’t have the medical knowledge or tests to open safely and their citizens are bearing the economic toll of the failure in testing, tracing, and isolation.

USA Today

Trump slammed the media: the so-called “informed sources said” is that the netizens turned their old accounts to “face”

US President Trump continued to attack the American media on various occasions on the 18th. He first issued a tweet saying, “So far, the most commonly used words of the ‘crappy’ media are ‘according to sources’, or’ unwilling to disclose The name of the official ‘, which allows the fake news media to forge the words of a person who does not exist at all. (CCTV News app


6/8 UK institutes 2-week quarantine for international arrivals.


50 countries make masks mandatory!

Asian News

5/9/10 Shulan City, Wuhan (ground zero) goes back into lock-down. Reports possible second wave. Health experts warn that too hasty a return to normal could spark a second wave of infections, and point out that restrictions will have to remain until there is a vaccine.

5/9/10 South Korea warns of second wave of infections as cases increase


Wuhan elementary and middle schools are orderly preparing to resume school and resume classes
Yesterday (April 18), Wuhan has changed from a risk zone in the epidemic to a low-risk zone. Although there is no clear timetable for returning to school, all primary and secondary schools have established campus management models that are compatible with the requirements of normalized prevention and control. Preparing all the preparations for returning to school and class.
2020-04-19 07:08

National Post

Sky News

Mauritania (2.54 million population in NW Africa) announces that all patients with new coronary pneumonia have been cured.

The Mauritanian Ministry of Health announced on the 18th the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation report, saying that all the diagnosed patients in Mauritania have been cured. Since the outbreak of the new corona epidemic, 7 cases of new corona pneumonia (4 women and 3 men) have been diagnosed in the country. Except for one death, the remaining 6 people have all been cured. It is reported that there are still 752 people isolated in the country. (CCTV News app (