4/6/2020  From Kramer on CNBC:  Sell war bonds… Americans are generous and those that are able will step up to the plate especially with the correct terms. 4/3/2020  Used Equipment dealers.   By mobilizing used equipment and refurbishing these sidelined machines, we can further expand our ventilator supply. 4/3/2020  Can vets and vet hospitals help?  Likely.  These professionals have supplies, equipment, ventilators and excess capacity as animals are not affected by this crisis. 4/3/2020  Should I wear a mask?   OF COURSE!  masks are designed to filter out noxious substances including viruses.   It only makes sense that some barrier is better than none.   See the discussion here.  DRAMATIC decrease in morbidity and mortality with masks.  Even though there may be a false sense of confidence, you need to continue to wash your hands and avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth. 4/1/2020 China’s success in Wuhan was in large part by diverting 1/4 of resources (medical staff) from other parts of the country to the area.  We need to get PPE and Ventilators and Staff that are idle from other parts of the country to the EPICENTERS.  Temporary Emergency/National licensure, inventory and transport PPE from idle Surgery Centers, Construction Sites, etc (create a central site to list these items with financial incentives and guarantees of return and financial protection and relief of donors) 3/30/2020 Most Americans see no virus, feel no virus, believe no virus? 3/28/2020 609,000 Confirmed Cases Worldwide, 28,000 deaths 3/27/2020  Nearly 1000 die in only one day in Italy.  If you can help, please do so.  Stay home, stay safe. 3/26/2020 Government of Angola (25 million) announce national emergency. Brasil (220 million) in in lockdown mode. USA numbers are approaching those of China As China has apparently moved past the growth phase, they report having needed supplies and equipment that they can send to the rest of the world (contact me if needed). Politicians set poor example of social distancing.  It is no wonder that they are getting and spreading infections.  6 FEET people!   3/25/2020
Antibody Testing
We need antibody testing.  There are new suggestions that half of the UK has already been infected, many as early as January.  With antibody testing, we will know who has had the virus and is likely immune and who can get back to work.
Exponential Growth Possible
One person can infect 59,000 people!     3/24/2020 India locks down 1.3 billion people Market soars on hopes of stimulus package Convention Center in Spain turned into 5000 bed pop up hospital US Experiences deadliest day yesterday   We NEED test kits for everyone. Test kits are coming. Amazon, Social Media Partners can help with the distribution. This is an emergency. TEST Everyone. Quarantine all that are positive for 2+ weeks, close borders or test everyone coming in. Supposedly some countries have test results in 3 hours, if this is possible elsewhere, why not here? Almost 60 confirmed deaths in US. Likely thousands infected. Suggestions that Plaquenil may be beneficial for COVID associated Pneumonia. “Human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces at room temperature for up to 9 days. At a temperature of 30°C [86°F] or more, the duration of persistence is shorter.Current Stats Updated 12:06 AM EDT, Mar 16, 2020
Confirmed infections 179,000 Countries affected 152/195 Deaths over 7100 1809 in Italy alone Death rate 3.87% Recovered *77,415 Recovery Rate 45.97%     The 1918 influenza pandemic caused by an H1N1 virus killed 50 million people worldwide, with a mortality rate of about 10%. This was time when there was not readily available international travel and a time with less advanced health care. But even in this advanced medical era… There is no vaccine or approved medicine for treatment. This information is not meant to incite fear or panic. This information should impress upon you that short term hibernation may be the best of the limited options available. If everyone isolates for 2 weeks no new infected individuals are allowed in the country… does this solve the problem… Let’s rally behind a coherent plan. Two week mandated holiday? Would it work? Is it even possible? Stock Market Tanks.  Worst point drop ever.   Worst percent since 1987  Is the bottom near?  Is this a gross overrreaction? Disney Closes Parks NY State of Emergency declared Meetings greater than 500 banned. Escalation of cases in NYC. More cases are certainly coming. NBA, NCAA cancelled Flights from Europe cancelled for 30 days School closings. Hand Sanitizer prohibited for sale on Ebay.