Where is my Test

By now, hopefully, it is painfully clear that the key to getting back to some semblance of normalcy is testing.  YEP test everyone and test often.   Here is how it works.  You test for virus (PCR) and antibodies (IgG, IgM).   If you test positive, you have the active virus, go home and quarantine and put on a red bracelet.  If you cannot breathe, or have life-threatening signs or symptoms, for goodness sake seek medical attention at once.   If you are negative, great.   You get a yellow bracelet You may only interact with others with a yellow bracelet.  If you also are negative for the virus test and positive for antibodies, you are presumably all set, you get the green light and the green bracelet.  You may interact with anyone and everyone.

Why are we having such problems with tests?   I think it is largely about regulation.   I could import thousands from China, but I am not going to get accused of price gouging or take responsibility for the accuracy of the test or the implementation of the test or a tester getting infected.

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