Government Response and Updates

Nice evaluation by Harvard Business Review.   Bottom line, fast enough, is not fast enough and the virus moves faster than bureaucracy.  Action must come early and be decisive. REALLY?  HOW IS THIS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF SOCIAL DISTANCING?  THEY ARE INCHES APART FOR PHOTO OPPORTUNITY NOT 6 FEET.  JUST USE A WIDE ANGLE LENS FOR GOODNESS SAKE!   Governmental Economic Stimulus Activities El Salvador on 30 day lockdown.
Ontario and Quebec to close all non-essential businesses
Governments continue to shut down businesses except “essential” services…  So what are essential services?  According to Mumbai Government… This is the list     Best practices on the part of Governments…  Detect, test, treat, isolate, trace and mobilize trained people response this crisis. IOC says Olympics is a GO!  Let’s hope the disease is under control by then.   What is on the table?  National State of Emergency Declared, Conventions, large gatherings, Night Clubs, Day Clubs, Sports Books etc.  Staff are being laid off.  European travel ban done.   Global and domestic on the horizon?  School closures here.  Certainly work from home, video meetings make sense.  Widespread business closures as Italy has done leaving open groceries and pharmacies and health care facilities.  Focus on at risk populations (elderly, infirmed, immunocompromised). Upregulating and repurposing health care facilities to rapidly shift from elective care to emergent care.   Increasing funds/resources (test kits, respirators, personal protective equipment).  Chart course for smooth and timely recovery.  Attend to logistics, cash flow issues.     The economic impact will be severe. We have no idea where the bottom is, what we do know is this crisis will pass. We can only hope that the impact is mitigated from a health and financial impact.     Denmark will close all schools, universities and daycare facilities   The Stock market rallied today! But is off from highs of just one month ago.  The FED is trying to help but these measures are not effective for the small business person or those that do not want or need to borrow money and go into debt.  The aggressive .5{1ed053894a5c721b35514694b2427f09ec46c3150900c486a3238576e63a6960} rate cut by Fed which is largely ignored by market and viewed as a panic maneuver.   Israel is quarantining all entries to country 14 days…   Testing ALL travelers to USA makes more sense than shutting down all travel?   Attorney Generals warn to be wary of fake cures, scams etc.   Fiscal Stimulus is next. Leadership is necessary but lacking. Preparation is way behind schedule.   My idea… Perhaps tax credits for travel expenses and other sectors will stimulate and mititgate the economic impact.   Numbers continue to grow. Has China peaked? Is the US peak ahead or behind? Likely far ahead.   Italy: over 366 dead. 16 million in lockdown. Travel restricted until April. Panic. Weddings/Ski Resorts/Malls Closed. Banks likely to fail. Pope livestreams.   Death toll over 5400, almost 145,000 confirmed cases. 77 plus countries. Infections soar in Italy, South Korea, Iran.   Download the preparedness plan from Australia   Chinese response is fabricated? Major cover up. Doctors that identified crisis were punished by government. Chinese return to work entirely too soon?
  Numbers outside of China continue to climb   Australian Health Info download China builds “pop up” hospital in weeks. In the US would take months to even get a permit? Have we built any new infrastructure to accomodate the anticipated patient surge, bought more ventilators? Italian boy 15 dies   43 cases in US and 6 in USA die. Numbers are certainly not reflecting reality or real mortality rates.   South Korea reports 477 new cases of coronavirus and 6 new deaths, raising the national total to 4,812 cases and 34 deads